apnscp 3.1 roadmap + chat



With 3.0 out the door it’s time to begin discussing 3.1 and the feature requests accumulated since beginning work on taking apnscp public.

My proposed order is:

  • IPv6 support
  • 2FA for panel access. Not all services have a means to use 2FA, so the panel would temporarily whitelist an IP that in turn would allow login to other services. Downside is if you have an IP address that moves, it’s a good way to get yourself accidentally banned.
  • TimescaleDB, logging of storage/bandwidth quota.
  • haproxy, enables SNI support for Dovecot/Postfix
  • PHP-FPM. There’s diminishing marginal return on high density servers. For example open_basedir is a must to prevent traversal elsewhere. These iteratively perform lstat() syscalls all the way back to root to make sure the path is within the directory. It also disables realpath cache. OPCache is one way to reduce this (cached lookups bypass open_basedir resolution), but even with a 6 GB cache it quickly fills up with 500 domains falling back to its uncached behavior.
  • Block support. Freeze an account, perform an online migration to the new storage block, unfreeze account. Allow accounts to use storage attachments.
  • NextCloud 1-click support

Now’s an excellent time to make any suggestions or hold your peace until 3.2 is released later this year. I’ll have more information on switching over to the experimental master-31 branch at a later date. For now I would recommend against switching if you’re on edge builds.


Excited with IPv6 and the 1-click support of ownCloud, I’m currently using nextcloud and I’m curious what advantages does ownCloud have over with nextcloud?


ownCloud is based solely upon feedback from a user. I don’t have sufficient experience with either to give enough criticism; that’s for when I begin implementing. A quick Google confirms though NextCloud is the way to go over ownCloud, if not for performance then at least app availability.

Unless there’s compelling feedback from the person who recommended ownCloud (waiting on that) or someone else I’ll scratch ownCloud for NextCloud. Thanks for the insight :slight_smile:


Updated external issue tracker.