apnscp 3.0 released



apnscp v3 is finally here! This is a polished release incorporating over 450+ changes since beta that launched in September. Among these changes are several notable additions:

  • rspamd + SRS support. SRS reforms a forwarded email’s envelope to match the forwarding server. Fixes DKIM/SPF problems with forwarded messages
  • Virus scan support in Web > Web Apps when clamav_enabled is set
  • upcp supports running components, e.g. upcp -b mail/rspamd
  • mod_evasive configuration scope, cpcmd config_get apache.evasive
  • Auto-learn feature by dragging mail in/out of Spam folder
  • Argos supports several new backends, including Slack
  • Bootstrapper override support (/root/apnscp-vars-runtime.yml), cpcmd config_get apnscp.bootstrapper
  • Sticky workers - apnscpd will reuse a hot session if possible to eliminate reinitialization overhead

With 3.0 out the door, it’s time to address feature requests that will be implemented in 3.1. This includes support for ownCloud, TimescaleDB metrics, PHP-FPM (when apache,jail=1 is configured for a site), Dovecot/Postfix SNI via haproxy, and block storage attachment. These will be incrementally rolled out as part of the master branch, so if you’d like to continue to receive technology as it’s released, set your update policy to “edge”:

cpcmd config_set apnscp.update-policy edge

:white_check_mark: v3 release notes


Congrats. Will try it now.